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Coconut Milk Mango Bath Soak

Coconut Milk Mango Bath Soak

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Indulge in a tropical getaway with our Coconut Milk Mango Bath Soak, a luxurious treat for your senses. This 2.5 oz bath soak features delightful notes of mango, nectarine, and gardenia, creating a lush and inviting aroma.

Immerse yourself in the essence of island paradise with the fragrance of island pineapple, freshly-sliced mango, lush papaya, and coconut milk, blended with sugarcane and Tahitian vanilla.

Perfect for a soothing self-care moment or as a thoughtful gift, our Coconut Milk Mango Bath Soak invites you to unwind, relax, and escape to a blissful oasis wherever you are. Treat yourself or someone special to this rejuvenating bathing experience.

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