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Stay Steady Bandana

Stay Steady Bandana

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Presenting the latest creation from Emily Kelley, known as Land And She Studio, hailing from Philadelphia, PA. With each piece, Emily brings a unique perspective, and this design is no exception.

Partnering with World Central Kitchen, Emily's artwork is not just about aesthetics—it's a tribute to the delicate balance that sustains our communities. In the wake of the challenges faced in 2020, we've come to appreciate the unsung heroes: the farmers, field workers, grocery clerks, waitstaff, and countless others who ensure our basic needs are met.

Entitled "Stay Steady," this design serves as a poignant reminder of their resilience and dedication. It's a celebration of the shared abundance that emerges when communities come together in times of crisis. Through donations, volunteerism, and acts of kindness, we've witnessed the strength of solidarity.

By purchasing this piece, you're not only supporting Emily's artistry but also contributing to the vital work of World Central Kitchen. Join us in honoring the perseverance of essential workers and spreading the message of resilience and hope.

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